Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hungover Thoughts

By Pauly

I'm hungover... again.

After a bitch of a day, where I worked a tough and grueling 15 hour shift, I hit up the Las Vegas bar in the poker room and thought I'd be having one drink. Well one turned into several and I ended up stumbling back to my room at 6am completely snookered.

Last night was Ozzie's birthday and he was getting plastered. We sort of crashed his birthday celebration and drank with him and his girl and several of his friends who work at the casino. Fun times. He taught me Aussie slang like "poo jabber."

Here's how wasted I got... I passed out for six and a half hours. I never sleep that much. I missed the first NFL football game. I had bet Green Bay and won that. I woke up at halftime of the Pats-Jags game (ongoing in the background as I write), only to discover that my bet on the Jags is looking good. Heck, they have an outside shot to win. I'd like the win, but in all reality, I just want them not to lose by more than a dozen points.

Yeah, I'm betting on sports again. Albeit, small bets. I started betting on the NBA with Schecky. He's pick a random game on the card to bet on. We'd look up the point spread and he'd let me pick a side. So far I'm 0-1 because Memphis fuckin' blew it against Golden State.

Channel 8 in Melbourne is Fox and in the mornings they run The Simpsons. I think they air like five or six episodes in a row. Amazing. I wake up every morning and write with the Simpys on in the background, while Nicky is fast asleep. I managed to see one episode that I never saw before... the one when Marge befriends the prisoner who's a gifted painter.

Jay Greenspan is here, and as a Brooklyn guy, he's also a big Knicks fan like myself. We talked a bit about how horrible they are. Greenspan, who has a voluminous vocabulary, was speechless when I asked him what he thought about the future of the Knicks. I think the one word he used was "frustrating."

We feel each other's pain.

Anyway, I have my first day off after eight days of work. I must have logged at least 100+ hours and my head hurts too much to do the actual math. I have to work seven more days starting on Monday, and then I'm done... for four months. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I spent some time this week making arrangements, flights, and hotels for the New Zealand leg of my journey. It looks like we're doing Queenstown, since the Kiwis I know suggested it and most of the Aussies I work with tell me that I'd love it.

Ah, I have some catch up work to do over the next few hours before Nicky and I meet up with Jules & Graham. They wanna do dinner tonight and I can't wait to see them.


I went to grab a slice of pizza to soak up all of the booze in my belly. On my way down to the food court, I ran into a famous tennis player and his entourage. I think it was Nadal.

Also... although the Pats won, they didn't cover and I went 2-0 to start the week. I'm free rolling for tomorrow's games. Weeeeeeeeeeee....

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