Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I Miss the Daily Dave!

Where's Simanoff? It's been over two months since Skippy was forced to take down his old blog by the stiff arm of the foul smelling, thought censoring, anti-blogger policeforce, otherwise known as "the Man". The Daily Dave is no more!! Not being able to read the dribblings of Tampa's most infamous blogger is like having your favorite TV show canceled without notice. What if Friends wasn't on anymore (including reruns!)? Or Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? Or the freakin O.C.??? It's hard not being able to read about your favorite blogger. Like how Girtz reads the Tao of Pauly 3 times a day... so too did I read the Daily Dave, like clockwork. Everyday, I habitually click on the Daily Dave link and I get nowhere... like an old war veteran who tried to scratch an itch on a leg that's no longer there.

Skippy, I know you are out there and you read my blog, drop me a line!!

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