Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bono's Peak of Uncoolness

Everytime I hear U2, I have this sudden urge to buy an iPod. I wonder why?

I remember a time when rock stars were cool. They'd get drunk for breakfast, trash hotel rooms, snort too many drugs, bang groupies and starlets with frozen fish and drumsticks, puke out the back window of their tour bus, and taunt politicians. Bono was at Clinton's Presidential Library opening for fuck's sake, palm pressing and shmoozing with Beltway insiders. Sid Vicious never would have done that. Now I have them trying to sell me soda, fast food, or electronic devices or worse, telling me who I should vote for in the upcoming Presidential election. There comes a time when I have to shout out, "Stop being whores and just play your instruments... loudly!" Keith Moon never would have pitched McDs.

So, Bono, fuck you... you sober Mick. From one Mick to a fellow Mick, I'm disappointed in your latest antics. You're supposed to be acting a lot more like Colin Farrell and a lot less like Kenny G.

Holy shit... no joke, but that fuckin' i Pod commercial came on as I was spell checking this entry. Argggggh! Fuck you, Bono!

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