Monday, November 22, 2004

List of 5

It's been a while since I did a list of five random things. So, here you go.

Last 5 Movies I Watched...
1. Bookies
2. Supersize Me
3. For the Love of Money
4. Master and Commander
5. Miracle

5 Poker Bloggers That I Think Will Make the Final Table at WBPT Holiday Classic in Las Vegas...
1. Me
2. Derek
3. Boy Genius
4. Bad Blood
5. Maudie

5 Random Non-Tara Reid Boob's Referrals from Google...
1. Trey playing with Widespread Panic tour rumors
2. The bong store on Long Island
3. Download The OC scripts
4. Shana Hiatt high school yearbook photo
5. Mutated pancake nipple

5 Random Things I'm Addicted To...
1. Orange Gatorade
2. Playing Poker in Las Vegas
3. Summer from The OC
4. Donuts
5. Marijuana

5 CDs I Hope I Get for Christmas...
1. Jerry Garcia Band: Live at Kean College
2. Widespread Panic: Jackassolantern
3. Jimmy Cliff: The Harder They Come
4. Sidney Bechet and Django Reinhardt: Deux Geants De Jazz
5. Velvet Underground: Live at Max's Kansas City

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