Friday, September 16, 2005

More Barcelona Stories

On Thursday night I headed over to the Casino de Barcelona to survey the scene. They didn't have wifi set up and that could have been a problem. European casinos are much smaller than in Las Vegas. I pretty much drank at the bar a few steps away from the poker room and ran into a few Irish poker players/bloggers that I met in Las Vegas during the World Series of Poker. Mike "Lucky Blind" Lacey and Tom Murphy run Antes Up and we drank a lot together in Vegas. It was good to see some familiar faces.

I had diner with Mad and her coworkers at Poker Stars. Also attending was Brandon Schaefer. He's from Seattle and he won a EPT event in France last year and came in 2nd at the Grand Finale in Monte Carlo. He's a really nice guy and when I introduced myself he said, "I love your poker blog! It's the best one around."

Wow. Great to hear that professional players read my stuff.

Anyway, we all ate at a nice place near the Olympic Village. There's a part of Barcelona that was developed for the 1992 Olympics and it's amazing. I ate black rice with seafood. Since I arrived in Spain, I've been eating nothing but fish and drinking nonstop. Dinner lasted for a fe whours and we drank a ton of wine. Mostly everyone here from Poker Stars is British. So I've been hanging out with Brits.

Oh by the way, my Spanish is so horrible that when I try to sepak it, most locals asnwer me back in English.

Here are a few pictures:

My dinner

Some cool buildings near my hotel

Street art


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