Saturday, July 22, 2006

Friday Night in Vegas

2:00am on a Friday night in Las Vegas and I'm home in Henderson. I'm a little drained after working 13 straight days in a casino. My next and only day off in the next three weeks will be August 3 and I'll end up doing catch up work at home that day.

I've been back at the apartment for about five hours. In that time I cranked out a ton of writing and grunt work.

I finished one article for Fox Sports that will be on MSN's main page next week sometime. I edited three Truckin' stories and found the one (based on a Tao of Pauly post) that I want to publish for my story this month. I expect to publish Truckin' no later than next Thursday. I corrected the edits on two Poker Player Newspaper articles. Those assignments are complete.

I have one more article to write for Fox Sports (deadline is Tuesday) plus the new issue of Truckin' to finish. I also have several hundred emails to read, but I finally got through all of my bloglines folders. I admit that I skimmed nearly every blog post and glanced at most of the news blurbs.

Living in Vegas makes you immune to current events. Nothing exists outside of the gambler's bubble.

I also burned a few discs for my rental car while I wrote. My one month rental was up and I got rid of the Sebring convertible. The AC sucked ass and I only drove with the top down four or five times. I picked up a brand new black Honda Accord on Thursday night. It's fast too, which is bad for me since I love to speed. They wanted to stick me with a mini-van or PT Cruiser again. I declined both and held out for a much cooler rental car.

I ate a chocolate shake and chicken fingers for dinner at the Sao Paolo Cafe at the Rio. I used one of my $10 food comps that I got for playing in a WSOP tournament last Monday. I also drank at two bars today with Wil. I'm waiting to see a blurb on Gawker... Former Star Trek Actor on Booze Bender in Las Vegas. We drank beers at Tilted Kilt then had cocktails at the Hooker Bar. Heck, we do that everyday. Otis and Change100 joined us at the Hooker Bar.

Grubby left Las Vegas on Wednesday morning. I spoke to him on Thursday night when he was in a cheap motel in Fort Morgan, CO. He skipped town and left me with the power bill. And he also ate two of my Jell-o puddings!

The apartment is lonely (and very empty) without him. It feels like one of my limbs got amputated. But at least I can smoke pot in the house and rip bingers on the couch.

Stop by the Tao of Poker to see some pics that I took at the WSOP.

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