Sunday, July 23, 2006

WSOP Photos and An Odd Saturday Night Part I

Over the past few days, I took a ton of photos at the World Series of Poker. Stop by the Tao of Poker to see them.

Here's one of my favorites. Click on the photo to see an enlarged view and then look at her sunglasses.

The woman in the photo is Sarah Bilney, also known as Aussie Sarah. She took 63rd place at the WSOP main event last year. In that epic tournament, she was the second highest finishing female and was the second highest finishing Australian in the event.

I met Aussie Sarah a couple of weeks ago and found out that reads my blog. She was also excited to meet Change100. It turns out that Change100 is Sarah's favorite blogger.

I didn't get much work done on Saturday. I got invited to two WSOP parties (Sunday and Tuesday) held at swanky Las Vegas clubs. I'm trying to get an invite to another on Thursday. Change100 said I needed a new shirt so she took me shopping at the Galleria in Henderson. Suburban malls and I do not mix well. Change100 was in nirvana. She shopped for shoes and I bought the two nicest shirts that I liked.

While Change100 shopped, I wandered into Bath and Body Works. I was the only guy in there, as three young female salespeople wearing green smocks converged on me.

"Can I help you?" they said in unison.

"I play a lot of poker and handle a lot of grimy and hepatitis infested poker chips. I spend all of my waking life in Las Vegas in casinos sucking down pure oxygen and shaking hands with strangers. I need some anti-bacterial hand stuff."

"Right this way!"

The saleschick looked like Claire Danes circa 1999 and wasn't wearing a bra. She showed me all the varations of hand loation. There was an entire shelf almost ten feet high and six feet wide filled with various anti-bacterial lotions.

"These are 3 for $10. I absolutely love the Coconut Lime Verbena and Tropical Passionfruit."

I was shocked that hand lotion was so cheap. I tested a few out and they all smelled too girly. I liked the Sun-Ripened Raspberry but it had too strong of an after-smell.

"I guess this one is for potheads?" I said as I picked up Crisp Citrus Herb and showed it to Claire Danes. "Crispy potheads."

She laughed but I sensed it was fake and forced. She obviously didn't smoke pot. She handed me a bottle of Juniper Berry. I settled on that one because it had the least pungent aroma. As I applied it, I realized how smooth my hands felt. They were now germ free.

"Buy two more for $10?"

I gave her a look like, "Hell no. Ring me up before I'm spotted by someone I know."

* * * * *

I got to the Rio around 4pm which is 2 or 3 hours later than we've been getting there. As soon as I walked in, I took photos in the tournament area and then wrote a short post. I had a deadline looming for Fox Sports on Tuesday and was not feeling like writing. After a week straight of solid deadlines, I was spent mentally and creatively.

Otis was bored too. It was the slowest day of action at the WSOP and we started gambling in the media room. And this debauchery would continue over the next twelve hours. We played HORSE (basketball game not the poker version) using an empty water bottle and a trash can. We were tied at H-O to H-O and suspended the rest of the game for Sunday.

Otis said Wil wasn't feeling too good. On Friday Wil busted out of one of the WSOP events and he was disappointed with how he played. My assignment from Otis was to "cheer Wil up." Unfortunately, Wil's not a blow and strippers type of guy so my Plan A was not going to work.

We started talking. Then we walked around. His mood was cloudy until we got to the Milwaukee's Best Tent. They have scantily clad women pushing their beer and they all stood outside the tent as we walked in. The tent had a bar, a few chairs, several dart boards, a pool table and a bar bowling game. Michalski sat in the far corner working (and I use that term loosely) as I made a bee-line to the bar and bought Wil a Beast Light.

"I can't drink this shit," he said.

"Suck it up, you pussy ass bitch!" I muttered.

We gravitated to the bowling game in the corner. I played Wil heads up and I got my ass handed to me. Otis played with himself and I won the Over/Under.

Bowling for $$$

Good and Evil

I grabbed a quick cheeseburger at the Kitchen Tent. That's where Wil and I decided to drink at every possible bar at the Rio. It was going to be one of those days.

Stay tuned for Part II.

* * * * *

By the way, my friend Jen Leo will be on TV tonight. She appeared on an episode of The Poker Dome which wa staped two weeks ago. It will air Sunday at 11pm on FSN. Check your local listings. I sat in the audience and fell asleep a couple of times. I had been partying hard that weekend and didn't get too much sleep.

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