Saturday, February 22, 2003

Mr. Clean... Perhaps?

I just finished cleaning my bathroom, which took twice as long as I expected. And I also did a half-assed job on cleaning up the rest of my studio. I was lazy. My entire work space is a mess. I have dozens of stray parts and excerpts from random pages of novels I attempted to write, but decided to delete. I have almost a hundred issues of the Hollywood Reporter stacked up in my bathroom, in the hallway, around my table, etc. for fuck's sake. But I just downloaded the Phish show on 2.18.03 Denver, CO from the other night, from I had that show playing in the background why I casually made lists of things I should be cleaning... instead of actually cleaning what needed to be. Oh well. The reason I'm cleaning is to prepare for a Molly's weeklong visit. She'll be visiting from Texas to see 3 Phish shows with me next week, and she's crashing at the studio. So, the Molly Countdown is... 27 hours.

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