Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Dawson's Creek Finale

It's true. It's over. No more Dawson's Creek! Last night I had the pleasure of attending a Goodbye to the Creek party. It was the series final episode, a 2 hour flash foward, five years into the future. Dawson is living in L.A. and is the head of his own production company responsible for the hot TV show "The Creek" loosely based on his life growing up. The gang reunites for Dawson's mom's wedding. Pacey owns his own restaraunt in Capeside (the fictional town where Dawson and the gang live) and is sleeping with a married woman. Jen returns home as a single mom with a dark secret. And Joey (Katie Holmes) is an editor in New York City and is still caught in between her love for both her boyfriends, Pacey & Dawson... a typical love triangle... caught up in between her soulmate (Dawson, the boy nextdoor) and the brooding rebel (Pacey).
Fans of the Creek have been forewarned that "somebody will die on the final episode". Before the show began, I called the Vegas Hotline to find out the odds of who will be killed off... here's what Mirage had to say:

Which Dawson's Creek member will die on the final episode?
The odds:
Pacey 3 to 1
Dawson 5 to 1
Jen 8 to 1
Joey 12 to 1

The smart money was on Pacey. I figured since it's called Dawson's Creek that they wouldn't kill Dawson off. I felt that Joey and Dawson were meant for each other, so Katie Holmes' character wouldn't be axed. The logical choice was Pacey. Alas I was wrong.

Jen died of a weak heart! She just had a baby and before she died she asked Jack (the token gay friend) to raise the child. She also told Joey to finally decide on one of the boys (a dying request from Jen). All roads led to Dawson... but in the end, she picked Pacey! I was upset and disppointed. Dawson punked out. He could have had Joey so many times over the last few years and he blew it. I would have been wicked pissed if I was Dawson. I would have drowned Pacey's ass in the Creek if he stole Katie Holmes away from me. Well... Dawson took the sentimental high road and told Joey something to the equivalent like: they are eternal soulmates, and at some point they'll be together, but not necessarily at that time. What a fuckin' loser! I lost a lot of respect for the geek. It just goes to show you that nice guys always do finish in second place and that girls always fall for the guy that dumps all over them. A sad night indeed for Dawson and myself.

The run is over. And now I'll have to find something else to do on Wednesday nights at 8 PM (7 PM CST).

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