Monday, May 05, 2003

Saturday Night with KBB...

Caught the Kwait Brothers Band the other night at Kenny's Castaways. There was a rare special appearance from Gitler! As well as Charna who showed up with two friends. And Senor was in rare form for sure, showing random people pictures of his new wife to be! The KBB went on an hour later than scheduled and they got half the time they were promised! It was a short, quick set, and I felt slightly bad because they drove all the way from Philly to get kinda screwed by Kenny's management. Just another logistical headache in the tough music industry relayed to me by manager Modeski!

But I told the KBB that it's all about quality, not quantity. The show was great! The boys opened up with my favorite KBB song... Deering Banjo! The other highlight was a break out of the Johnny Cash song Big River. I also got to chat with both brothers who were excited to see... me! I found out that Rich and Rob and the rest of the band loved my article that I posted to The Good News! I was pretty happy about that. Chatted with the keyboard player Jay and he offered to buy me drinks! Cool guys for sure. They play in NYC again on June 14th at the Elbow Room.

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