Saturday, May 10, 2003

Re: Jack Tripper Stole My Dog... a Jerry Review!

Jerry wrote me this in a recent e-mail. He just finished JTSMD and here's what he had to say: "Oh, I finally finished JTSMD - I ripped through the final 1/3 last night and it really came together. A surprisingly "happy-type" ending. Overall I thought it was a really good effort with a lot of promising style and creativity. My one suggestion is that I did not know where the story was going while I was reading all of the fascinating, intriging, disgusting, revolting and bizarre stories and characterization. Maybe if there was some more thread/main story theme to carry through the middle of the novel.

I really enjoyed the last third of the book - it seemed more fast-paced and easier to read, not as choppy. The only other thing, would be to let you readers use theri memory to remeber the characters past, background - there were times when you continually repeated (background information)... when we had already read that once or twice with detail. By continually repeating, it seems that you did not trust us to care enough to remember, which as a reader feels insulting.

But hey now, I thought the book was very good and had some of the best stories/antedotes I have ever read. That one about the guy doing all those chicks the night before his wedding. I could go on but I have to get back to work. I would love to read another novel by McGrupp. Peace, JE"

Wow... thanks Jerry for your kind review and some great suggestions!! The new novel has been shelved. I wrote up a first draft, but now I am putting it away until the end of the summer. Right now, I will be working on the re-write (3rd Draft) of JTSMD in order to clean it up to send out copies to literary agents and publishing companies that allow "unsolicited manuscripts" (works from writers without agents). Again thanks for your support!

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