Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Re: 11 Q's Famous Phis Edition

Sigge wrote: "I think Nick seems like a really nice guy. In addition to your statement above, you could add that Nick comes from Nicolaus, hence a direct line to St. Nicholas (Santa). But letting someone puke in the back seat of your car is stupid. I think Nick has an issue when it comes to friends, he need better ones, instead of letting them take advantage of him. "Too kind" is a suiting description, I'd say."

Haley wrote: "Very cool! I like the Sure Thing obscure film reference!"

They are both talking about this...

3. If you had a child what would you name it? - Senor

Jerry or Lizzie. Just kidding. I know those are the names of a cheesy Tom Cruise movie and a kid’s TV show on the Disney channel. I always liked Ophelia or Sunshine for a girl’s name, and Garcia if it’s a boy. And I always liked Nick. Nick McGrupp is a cool guy. Nick's your buddy. Nick will let you get drunk and puke in the back seat of his car. Nick!

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