Thursday, March 31, 2005

Off the Top of My Head...

My latest internet crush just turned 22. Yummy.

My buddy Bruce bought a Tinto Puente book. He can't stop talking about it.

My friend Jenna got a cat. A black one!

I bought a Hawaiian shirt for Derek. It's his lucky shirt. He only wears it when he plays online poker and he's been winning ever since he got it.

I'm totally addicted to Johnny Cash.

I miss seeing name tags on people in Las Vegas. That was one thing I wish more people in NYC wore... name tags.

My 15th high school reunion is on Saturday. Briana is dying to go since I can bring a date.

The baseball season starts on Sunday. Awesome.

I took Senor to his first Fatburger when we were in Vegas. He dug it.

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