Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tuesday Snowstorms

It was 60 plus degrees yesterday and it felt like summer was finally over. Now it's 25 degrees and snowing. Not much fun, eh? I'm counting the hours until I get on my flight to Las Vegas. 390 hours. And it couldn't come sooner.

Boy Genius had a few random things to say on his blog about our upcoming trip in June. Here's what he wrote:
Is it time for Vegas yet? Actually, if you want to be really depressed by the whole circumstance, it’s exactly 2,112 hours until I’ll be on a plane on my way out of Detroit Metro heading West to the happiest place on earth. Of course, I’ve never been to a Bangkok brothel, Amsterdam, or the Neverland Ranch. Still, Vegas is… well, it’s fucking Vegas alright? What’s better than Vegas?

2,126 hours from now I’ll be up $40 playing blackjack. Bob, on the other hand, will either be up or down $400. Either way, Al’s got him drunk and he’s talking trash to an Asian blackjack dealer:

Bob: Are you Chinese or Japanese?
Dealer: I’m from Thailand, sir.
Bob: Yeah, but is that in China or Japan?

2,128 hours from now, Pauly and Derek will have talked me into a two drink minimum (featuring $14 bottled beer) at the neighboring Glitter Gulch strip joint.

2,128.75 hours from now Pauly, Derek, and I will emerge from Glitter Gulch feeling as used as the AARP cards half those strippers are packing.
God bless Vegas strip clubs!

Moving on... Citizen Thompson is an interesting item off of The Smoking Gun which includes the Pitkin County Sheriff's Office report detailing Hunter S. Thompson's suicide.

Speaking of Hunter, check out this gem... an old interview with Hunter by Marty Beckerman.

I have to get back to writing something that I've been putting off. I played in a poker tournament this afternoon when I should have been working!

Recent Writing Music...
1. Wes Montgomery and Jimmy Smith
2. Junior Brown
3. Galactic
4. Mike Gordon with Marco Benevento & Joe Russo
5. Traffic

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