Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Random Reading: Hunter, Handgun Dildos, and Scary Stalkers

How about a sobering article? Madrid Bombers Cased NYC's Grand Central Station. File this one under, "No duh!" Note to self: Do not walk through GCS with a half a pound of KB every again. I really hope that all that cash that is being diverted to protecting NYC goes to better security in the subways.

If you have a cannon and are a fan of Hunter S. Thompson, you can shoot his remains of of your cannon if you submit a 100 word essay.

Continuing with Hunter, make sure you read The End of the Counter-Culture written by Stephen Schwartz and it appears in The Weekly Standard. Here's a bit:
When a major representative of any dramatic period in history dies, it is tempting to proclaim the end of an epoch, but the lonely death of Thompson--he shot himself in his kitchen--seems more emblematic than any other associated with the '60s. The incident might even have been accidental, brought on by one of Thompson's self-storied flings into the ingestion of garbage drugs. Who knows?

But Louisa Davidson, wife of the sheriff of Pitkin County, the jurisdiction wherein the death occurred, probably had it right: "he was not going to age gracefully. He was going to go out with a bang. He was tormented."

Whatever the actual circumstances, it is difficult to imagine a still-living personage, or even one who preceded him into eternal silence and collective forgetfulness, more representative of his time. William S. Burroughs, the prosewriter once hailed for allegedly reinventing the American novel, died at 83 in 1997. Allen Ginsberg, the versifier who had supposedly changed American poetry forever, expired the same year at 70. Ken Kesey, another overrated writer, joined them in 2001. The comedian Lenny Bruce and the author Jack Kerouac left the scene long, long before, in the '60s themselves. Who is left? No one but minor figures....

It has long been argued that lasting literature is an impossibility without imitation and emulation, and that although young authors often produce works ridiculously imitative of their idols, real writers grow out of such mimesis to gain recognition for their own, individual abilities. But who can imagine a youthful talent beginning with an exercise in the gonzo style? Thompson produced no others like him, for the same reason Burroughs and Ginsberg generated no schools of novel-writing or verse. One may go further and say they had nothing to teach the young, except to emit a cacophony.
Dude, the spirit of the 1960s was crushed the day Ronnie Reagan took office.

Lastly, you can insert your own joke here. Man diddles girlfriend with gun... and shoots her pussy! Next time you are going to use your handgun as a dildo, make sure the safety is on or at the least... that the gun is not loaded.

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