Monday, September 16, 2002

10 Hours...

At midnight Phish is offically to have told me whether or not I got NYE and Hampton, VA tix. Everyone I know (with the exception of 4 or 5 lucky heads) has been rejected already. EVERYONE. People I figured would get tickets would get tickets. I got replies from Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Texas, England, Singapore, France... and all over the country, each saying how they got rejected from mail order.

I think I got the finger. Well I already accepted that as my fate.


Cold cards.

It's a card playing term. When you are not getting good cards, it's called "cold cards". Recently I have been having a tough streak, a lot of cold cards coming my way. So I'm expecting to get dealt the death card from Phisdom.

It's OK though. I'm going to the NYE show. I'm going to the Hampton shows. It's that simple. So with that in mind, I'm not discouraged by a rejection. I am supposed to go to these shows and I will get tickets. Say it with me a couple of times. Say it. Own it. Do it.

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