Saturday, September 21, 2002

Well, I got shutout again trying to buy Phish tickets via Ticketbastard. :(

I was slapped down like a red-headed step-child at a family picnic.

If PHISH does a PPV concert or a webcast, you are all welcome to come watch it/listen it in my studio with me. We'll make our own Phishy fun. I'll have mock security at the door, they'll be taking tickets and doing pat downs etc. I'll have a bar serving $10 watered down drinks, and I'll make sure I import some really foul smelling crusties & tour rats trying to sell pharmies (all for authentic purposes). Of course before you enter my building, you will be greeted by half-baked, half-spun Phishy chicks wearing angel and butterfly wings, selling goo-balls, veggie burritos, and hemp jewelry. AND what's a Phish show without a random dog just walking around??

If Phish don't do either a webcast/PPV, you can still come and watch me get really high and act like a babbling moron as I scare everyone with my alien-unification-apocalypse theories, while tossing banana peels at my neighbor's terrace.

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