Monday, September 02, 2002

Wake n' Bake

How Deadheads Ruined the Grateful Dead is written by Marc Weingarten. It is a very interesting article with some valid points, but my opinion is this: that dude ain't no head. It seems to me that listening to a few bootlegs, reading every book on the Dead and talking to a bunch of old hippies hardly qualifies you to make a bold statement the likes of: Deadheads ruined the Dead. Hey, I didn't kill Jerry Garcia. Society did. And yes Deadheads make up society (the coolest enclave of our insane Western culture), but they/us are no more to blame than the large media machines of record companies, TV, radio, merchandising, and concert promoting and not to mention the g0vernment and law enforcement agencies. Where are the articles: The MAN ruined the Grateful Dead? Will someone dose that Weingarten fucker, please?

Around the World in a Heady Daze is by Dan Rubinstein from Vue Weekly Here is a blurb: "Brian Preston is not a pothead. Okay, he won’t say no to a puff if there’s a joint being passed around at a party. He might even buy an eighth once in a while. But Preston is not a pothead. He’s a middle-aged Canadian writer who latched on to a unique idea. Why not travel around the world seeking out, smoking and talking pot with people in far-flung countries, then write a book about it?" Sounds like my first three novels.

Professor X Alexander Shulgi made millions for Dow Chemical.  Then he synthesized MDMA, realized his best test subject was himself, and became the godfather of Generation Ecstasy. Here's a bit: "I feel an incredible tingle when I look at a white solid I've just synthesized that I know has never existed anywhere in the universe before this moment." He stops himself.  "Oh, maybe someone on a planet around some sun way out there may have looked at it, but this is its first existence on Earth.  And I'll be the first to know what it does."

Reoprt on Safe Ecstacy Angers Brits Two British psychologists are at the centre of a row over the safety of ecstasy, claiming the drug may not be dangerous in the long-term. Who's got my rolls??

Media Awareness Project or MAP is a site you should definitely bookmark. I will be adding it to the TAO links. Here is what is says on it's website: The Media Awareness Project = A worldwide network dedicated to drug policy reform. We inform public opinion and promote balanced media coverage.

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  1. crystena6:31 PM

    I thank you for your thoughts on the article. A few years ago i came across it and was astonished at the photo attached. It is a picture of me and my dear friend. The writer apparently does not have a clue on true subject.