Sunday, September 01, 2002

Señor Update

I just got a few e-mails from Señor! Here are the highlights:


Well, I have finally done it, I've started my own business!!!!! First I almost invested in a Health Spa, but that was too much money. Then I almost invested in a Coffee House/Used Book Store/Thai massage Parlor, but the cheap property is cheap for a reason and the expensive property is too expensive. So instead I have started a language school!! Where I am there are tons of foreigners living and there are no schools that teach the Thai language. Thus far, I have one class room, one teacher and one student (other than myself!!) The classroom is located on the beach and we offer our student(s) coffee, tea and snacks!!! First we will only teach Thai to foreingers and if we grow we will teach english to Thai students as well.... know anyone looking for a teaching job in thailand???

Oh by the way, I think I might head ove to Japan for a few weeks to study with a famous reiki master... I will try to coordinate with any good bands that might be over there (ie, MMW) any chance of meeting me over there??? Planting the seed.... oh, I've also gotten into Fundalinni Meditation... from Osho, you know about this dude???? Wild stuff man... SEEYAAAA!!!!!!


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