Friday, September 20, 2002

An Unexpected Phone Call... 5:45 am EST... it was just a fifteen minute phone call, but it really lifted my down trodden spirits on my birthday. Alas, I am always reluctant to answer my phone, and I was shocked to hear from none other than Señor! He called me from the beach in Samui, Thailand, via his cell phone, to wish me a happy birthday! Señor sends everyone his love and asked about most of you (lol). Recent gossip: he has a local Thai girl that is his steady ladyfriend and he has another woman that comes by every night to cook for him. Anyway, I can't believe he called me, and it was great to hear his voice and to talk to him, if only for a few minutes. I didn't realize how much I missed him until I hung up the phone. That unexpected call was a great birthday present!

I share a birthday with:

Alexander III
Upton Sinclair
Spohia Loren
Red Auerbach
Dr. Joyce Brothers
Dale Chihuly
Fran Drescher
Nelson Twins (Gunnar & Matthew)

And this day in history, on the day I was born, September 20, 1972: Police find cannabis growing on Paul & Linda McCartney's farm.

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