Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Wednesday's Politico Roundup: Nader's In, Bush Bans Gay Nuptials, Mean Gene Gets More Funds

What was bigger news? Bush wants an amendment to ban same-sex marriages or Ralph Nader deciding to run for President?

Signor Ferrai had some interesting things to say over at Rick's Cafe in a post called: Smacking of Hubris, Nader Decides to Run. The Dems are up in arms over Nader's decision. Check out Dear Mr. Nader a letter written by Jack Rabbit. And also read An Open Letter to Mr. Nader from The Nation.

On the Democratic front... John Kerry is seeking to consolidate the lead ahead of Super Tuesday (March 2). And John Edwards unveiled his plan to cut poverty in America.

In other news, Gene Bromberg (a.k.a. Mean Gene) recently won the first ever poker bloggers tournament. And out of a page of Richard Nixon's game plan, he's using his poker winnings to finance his run for the White House.

How do I feel about gay marriages? I'm all for them... not because I am a Gay Rights activist. I actually know very little to nothing about that situation and I will not pretend to stand up and say who is right and who is wrong when I honestly don't care. What I do get fired up about is the federal government making laws that limit's a person right to be in love with whoever they want to be (OK... there are valid reasons and laws why adults cannot marry children and why having sex with goats is bad) but in all honesty, what happens between two consenting adults is no one's business but their own. For some people, marriage is the ultimate fulfillment of one's love for another. And I'm not going to mess with that and neither should Mr. Bush. What concerns me is that this issue should not garner the media attention that it has been getting. I feel that education, terror prevention, and employment should be the three main issues come this November. And unfortunately, it looks like neither side is putting up solid fundamental principles on all three of my important issues which are essential for America to improve upon itself and become the strong nation that we once were. We're losing jobs, thousands of jobs overseas, and that is more of a concern for me than whether or not two guys or two girls want to get married. The fact that our schools are seriously underfunded, scares me. Europeans and Asians speak better English than the kids in our public schools. And I feel that only the Bush Junta will properly conduct a war on terror (although I'm not happy with the various Homeland Security snafus and fuckups, not to mention that Draconian Patriot Act) while the Dems would enact a more passive approach and honestly, the only way to reason with a fundamentalist... is to kill them before they kill you.

And how do I feel about Nader? Stay tuned and I will talking about his run in the upcoming weeks.

Next week: Super Tuesday updates.

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