Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Frazzled Wednesday Thoughts

I worked 75 hours in 5 days. At least the Borgata threw in two free massages.

On dinner break on Tuesday, I went down to the employees cafeteria and I ate some fried chicken which was horrible. I settled for a slice of pizza and some rice pilaf. I discovered English Muffins and since they also have a toaster, I'm now pleased I can expand my food base.

I've been eating gelato. Tons of it. I can't get enough. Is it sherbert or icecream? It's gelato. The cherry gelato kicks my ass.

I heard that a hooker rolled a poker player over near the Boardwalk in one of those no-tell motels that you find former child stars strung out on heroin and diet pills. Any woman that would be willing to have oral sex with me for $50 cannot be trusted.

I make an effort to go outside every few hours. Living inside a casino is strange and breathing recycled air has defintely kick my immune system's ass. I've had to ingest Airborne regularly just to survive.

I see some of the same degenrate gamblers along with a new wave of fresh blood entering the casino every few hours.

I've been getting up early to write everyday. Late nights, I'm so exhausted that I simply pass out after a 15 or 16 hour day. I logged 60 hours in the first four days here. At least I have that mint-thyme lotion to keep me slap happy. The early morning writing session have been luke-warm at best.

I can't wait to get back to New York and work on the book or a week straight before I go to LA. I haven't touched my Las Vegas book. I've been having fleeting thoughts of finsihing it and then just putting it aside. For some reason I want to re-work Jack Tripper Stole My Dog and in many ways I'm already working on new scenes and thinking of ways to make the story line smoother and tighter.

Sometimes I dream about playing poker with random people like politicans, celebrities, professional poker players, and kids I went to high school with.

I had a bad day on Tuesday. Long work hours and covering Limit tournaments suck. Plus I found out some bad news after I lost a freelance assignment that I thought was in the bag. That blows. Oh well. I can't think about that now. I got one week left here then I go home and have to finish the book.

The blinking lights of the Taj make me sleepy. I think I'll crash soon.

Recent Writing Music...
1. Paul Simon
2. Phish
3. Jerry Garcia Band
4. Traffic
5. John Coltrane

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