Monday, January 02, 2006

Tired Eyes

I like trying new things with my blogs. My goal for the Tao of Pauly this year is to blog for ten minutes a day six days a week in a stream of consciousness fashion. I'll still blog other stuff too. I just want to get in a habit of blogging here everyday and just open up blogger and write until the little timer I have goes off. You get to spend a full hour inside my head every week, ten minutes at a time. I started doing the the last few weeks and I liked that exercise. It reminded me of what I used to do when I first started blogging. I had no idea what to do and I'd randomly fire up blogger during a lull at work. I used to write a ton of poetry when I first started out. Thank God I'm out of that phase.

I set aside the first two weeks of 2006 to finish my Las Vegas book. Late last night I decided to start over from scratch. I was about 50% done so it's kind foolish to do that, especially with a limited window to write. But I'm more comfortable with telling the story in today's voice starting at page one instead of piecing together a novel over several months. Part of the reason I had such a hard time working on the project last year was that I was digging through my archives for random Las Vegas stories and re-workng most of them. It was more a touch up job than real writing and my head wasn't 100% into it.

I wrote for 2 hours today and cranked out 2K words. Not a bad start. The first 2K words have to be top notch. Once I get past the first 5K words, I'll be fine. The first day is always tough. I treated last night like I would before go away on a big trip. This time, I'm going into my head for two weeks hoping to organize my thoughts into a book. The journey is within.

Today didn't start out well. I had a family distraction which really irked me until I got to sit down and write. Technically this is only a half day. I still have a few hours left to write and I might be able to crank out enough to get me back on track.

The weekend was miserable for me playing poker online. I lost over $500. Been a rough two months. The only good thing is that I won't have too much time to play over the next two weeks. That means less time for me to lose money. Ah, wait! There's always pro football playoffs to bet on!

I had the worst possible fortune in a fortune cookie just now. It read, "Hallelujah!"

What a rip off and a crock of shit.

Speaking of shit, BG's has a problem with his ass. He had to go to the hospital. Stop by his blog and send him "get well soon" wishes.

Oh and while I'm sitting in a cold, gray, and rainy NYC, my friends are getting on airplanes to head to the Bahamas for the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure. That was one popular assignment I couldn't get.

Recent Writing Music...
1. Phish
2. John Coltrane
3. Kilgore Trout
4. Jerry Garcia Band
5. Ben Harper

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