Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wet Snow Tuesday

I met up with Briana for lunch. I ate French Toast with bacon and cheese fries. I drank three iced teas. She didn't eat her toast or hash browns so I ate them all. She seemed chipper for a dreary Tuesday.

"I'm not pregnant," she confided.

Dodged yet another bullet.

I'm up to 5K words in the Las Vegas book. It's been slow and I've taken my time with the first 3K words. Usually I just blaze through and don't rewrite until the end. But this time I paid extra special attention to the first 3K.

"Will you show me what you've written so far?" Briana asked.

"Hell no. You know my policy!"

"Fuck you, McFucker! Pretty please?"

I wouldn't budge. If I give her a taste, then that means I have to show everyone else.

"How about a sneak preview on your blog? You used to start new blogs for every book. Start a new one so you can post an excerpt."

"Not this time."

A cab nearly hit us on Third Avenue. Briana flipped him off in the rain. I laughed. I wondered if he was Russian.

A beatnik sung a protest song on the subway with his acoustic guitar. He said something like, "Our President stole the first election."

I laughed. A derranged man got on near Columbia University. He spoke to himself and said, "The last hour of sleep is the coldest of the night."

He stood nearby me while I proof read over a few pages of my book. He smelled horribly. At the next stop I got off and went into the next car. There's nothing luckier than picking the car with all the hot chicks. I would have slpet with no less than 4 women on that particular car. One of them had a book. It was the Bible.

Erection over.

I couldn't sleep last night. I tried to go to bed early and couldn't fall alseep. Usually I fall asleep right away and I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. Last night my head was full of thoughts. The book. My career. My bad run at cards. I lost $4K since Halloween. I could have lived in Thailand for a year on that, according to Senor.

When I fell asleep, all I could dream about was losing at poker. Nightmares.

At least the fuckin' Knicks won. Double OT win too over the tired Suns. And the Rangers won the other night in a shootout. Wow, and the Jets won Sunday. Retards.

Recent Writing Music Inlcuded...
1. Herbie Hancock
2. Miles Davis
3. Wayne Shorter
4. John Scofield
5. Medeski, Martin & Wood

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