Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Million Little Pieces of Birthday LSD

First it was Jenna. Then Change100. And factgirl. Then Josh. And Texas Heather. They all sent me this link The Man Who Conned Oprah. By the way it's a very long article but a must read. Shit even Gawker was talking about it... Michelle Malkin Remembers James Frey's Fake Writer Day.

Yep, supposedly the guy who wrote A Million Little Pieces is caught up in a media shit storm. The things in his book are not true. The book was dubbed as "based on a true story."

I never read A Million Little Pieces and I'm not going to. I torched the one copy that someone sent me for Christmas. That decision had nothing based on the author James Frey. It had everything to do with Oprah's stamp of approval. That killed it for me. I ranted about that a while back. Now the Oprah Junta is pissed at Frey. Why should they be? He just wrote a book. His publishers and his PR people are the evil-doers in this one. If they were duped by Frey, we'll they are foolish for not doing their homework. If they knew Frey's book was based in partial-truths, then they should accept full responsibility for their actions - they knowingly marketed the hell out of A Million Little Pieces saying it was a true story.

But this is America where people don't stand up an accept responsibility for anything? Hurricane Katrina was God's fault. It was Bush's fault. It was FEMA's fault. It's was the poor black people's fault for being poor and black. Heck it was John Stamos' fault since we're passing the blame. He deserves a good junk kicking for creating the evil weather machine with Karl Rove.

Oprah fucked up. Frey fucked up. His publishing company fucked up or did they? How much will this boost sales of A Million Little Pieces? They can now sell it as "the controversial book from author James Frey." Big companies like that hire spin doctors to do what they can. Spin. Spin. Spin.

I wrote 5K words yesterday. I wrote 5K on Monday. Half days both days. I hit the wall yesterday and my brain was too fried to write. I read mostly and worked on a central theme. Obviously the book is about Las Vegas, so it should be very obvious to the reader... you will be reading a book about Las Vegas, specifically my take on America's playground. The manuscript is at 65K and counting. My goal is 10K today and I'm still trying to finish it by Sunday night.

I missed the Knicks victory last night over the LeBronJames Cavaliers. They won four straight and are on their best winning streak of the year. Jamal Crawford carried the Knicks last night.

Moving on...

Today is a special day. The dude who invented LSD would have turned 100 today. Let's have a nice warm of applause for Dr. Albert Hoffman. He accidentally created LSD in his lab and got some on his skin. He drove home on his bicycle and tripped his balls off. Without Hoffman's introduction of lysergic acid diethylamide into modern society, I'd be a lost soul, most likely a miserable suit somewhere humping a desk job while reading A Million Little Pieces on the commuter train to work everyday.

Albert Hoffman showed me that a tree often goes overlooked in normal life. Just take some of his invention and that same tree is the center of all of life in the universe. When I was in college, I used to walk by this particular one tree all the time, sometimes 5 or 6 times a day. Never paid any attention to it. One night after I dropped LSD, I stood at the tree in wonderment. My buddy Danny fell out of the tree one night because he was so drunk. I kissed a girl underneath that tree. She'd later break up with me (also under that same tree) and break my heart into a million little pieces. I found a stray kitten underneath the tree too. The tree was older than me and almost older than my school. Psychedelics gave me the opportunity to look at things different ways. I took that back into my normal life. Since then I haven't examined life the same way. My modes of unconventional thinking are rooted back in those heavy phases of experimentation. And I wasn't doing it to expand my mind and seek a higher consciousness. I wanted to get off and get higher than I ever had been. That's what your late teens is all about, being thousands of miles away from home and doing what you can to fuck anything that moved while ingesting anything in sight that might get you rocked.

Someone once asked me, how many times did you do acid?

Too many times to count. I'm pretty sure I can estimate based on how many Grateful Dead shows I went to. When I mentioned the number to Senor he laughed. He said I was being conservative in my accounting methods.
5 Random Things I Did on LSD (that I'll never do again)...
1. Flew on an airplane.
2. Took a final exam.
3. Drove a car.
4. Went to an Atlanta Braves baseball game.
5. Toured Graceland.
Oh speaking about acid freaks, Ken Kesey's bus was pulled from a swamp on his Oregon farm and shall be restored. Yep, Neal Cassady used to drive the fuckin' bus. Lucky fucker.

What is more important to you... Angelina Jolie pregnant by Brad Pitt or the war in Iraq? I'm become so wrapped up in my own little world, I could care less about either. Hollyweird babies and external conflicts both make me shrug my shoulders.

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