Friday, October 03, 2003

Reader Mail

1. Re: Book Review... Chinese Takeout

Gil wrote me: "I read your Chinese Takeout book review... I can't wait to read it. I recently - a month ago - finished Suicide Casanova. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Here's my best to worst of Arthur Nersesian: 1. The Fuck Up; 2. Dogrun; 3. Suicide Casanova; 4. Manhattan Loverboy..."

Dear Gil, Thanks for the rankings. I'd slide Chinese Takeout in between The Fuck-Up and Dogrun. Enjoy! See ya, McG

2. Re: nun bet

Spider sent me this e-mail: "MARK THE DAY EVERYONE! It might be the same place, but new energy and even some new songs!!!!"

Noa PRESENTS nun bet @ THE BITTER END, 147 Bleecker St., Wed., October 8, 9:30 pm

Noa Bentor - Vocals
Jeff Peretz - Guitar and Vocals
Dan Sabricatore - Bass
Mark Robohm - Drums

Dear Spider, Thanks for the heads up! Check out Noa if you are around the Village next Wednesday. See ya, McG

3. Re: Knicks Woes...

Jerry wrote: "The Knicks are toast - which is good - allows me more family time."

Dear Jerry, I agree. My winter is already ruined and the pre-season has not even started yet! Oh well, McG

4. Re: Five Year Old Makes Bong in Class

Jessica wrote: "Kindergarden Ganja Smokers... WTF? Couldn't she have pulled it out of her mother's drawer like the rest of the kids? No, she had to make one... what a show-off. Besides, she should have used a honey bear. That's a lot cuter."

Dear Jessmiester, Wow... what can I say? Do you think that girl went to P.S. 420? Sneh. McG

5. Re: McPoems

Bruce Cohen wrote: "I wuz reading your poems, man. You are phenomenal. I need a month off to make coolio Computer illustrations... and your funky writing is inspiring me..."

Dear Bruce, Thanks... for checking out McPoems. I look forward to seeing what your "Pauly Poem" inspired art work looks like. Best of Luck, McG

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