Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Wednesday Politico Roundup: Bowling with Nine Clones, Moore in 2004?

I watched the Michael Moore documentary Bowling for Columbine the other night and afterwards, my initial impression was this: why isn’t Michael Moore running for President? Love him or hate him, he asks serious questions that have gone unanswered and ignored for decades by our government. He’d be the clear cut favorite out of any possible third party candidates thinking about a run for the White House in 2004. I’d be happy if any of the Democratic Nine Clones properly debated and explored one single issue (gun control, welfare reform, education, corporate responsibility) that Moore touched upon in Bowling for Columbine. It would be refreshing if each of them ran on a platform of anything other than “My name is ------, vote for me because I’m-NOT-Bush.”

On the recent California recall of Gray Davis, Moore said, “It’s about time the people got rid of Democrats who acted like Republicans.” A statement that echoed the sentiments of many new Green party members, who left the Democratic party out of sheer disgust and frustration in 2000, and threw their support towards a man committed to grassroots issues, instead of catering to special interest groups, corporations, PACs, unions, etc. The ex-democrats drew the ire of their former colleagues when Al Gore comically lost the election. Instead of taking responsibility for the results, and losing the direction of their party, the leaders hopelessly whined to anyone who would listen, then passed the blame onto Ralph Nader and the Greens, as if they were the sole reason Bush was elected. Sore losers for sure. That ugly deterioration in central leadership, jaded unity, and lack of vision is why the current Nine Democratic Clones are doomed, like the token black guy in a horror movie… they are filled with one liners, but sooner than later, they’ll get offed, and you’ll never see or hear from them again.

Alas, Moore will not run because he’s too smart. He knows even if he won, there would be little to no chance of changing anything. Gridlock. Democrats. Republicans. Old White Men Fear Change. Whoever is in power, they’ll be sure to bully and torture the eager outsider, like the newest inmate, a fresh fish locked up with professional criminals, seasoned thieves, heartless murderers, and life long liars. Bumping heads in the dangerous backrooms of Washington is like getting shanked in the shower, you’ll never see it coming.

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