Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Monday Trip to Foxwoods

Visit the Tao of Poker to read up the full report on my trip to Foxwoods!

Here's a bit: "Derek and I rented a car and drove up to Foxwoods... and play all afternoon until the Monday Night Limit Hold'em Tournament ($65 buy-in). I asked Haley if she wanted to tag along, but she had an acting class, so she declined...

I had a nice sized bankroll (still in tact after trips to Las Vegas and Miami... the only hit was a $200 ugly loss on Dec. 23rd during an impromptu run to Foxwoods to meet Senor & Jay) and was ready to kick some ass. Some days I walked into card rooms with a positive, yet cocky attitude... and yesterday was no different...

Five hours into our session, I was up $120. I was up nearly $160 at one point, but I hovered around the $100-120 sector most of the afternoon. I had over $300 in chips at the table... I had the big stack and everyone new that sat down assumed I won all of that there. Eventually, I got "river'd" a few times and lost a huge pot on a full house to an old guy who showed up with his wife. They never played in a casino before. They openly admitted that they watched poker "on the TV." I'm always suspect of anyone who refers to television as "the TV."..."

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