Friday, March 26, 2004

A Friday Afternoon Quickie
"Don't gain the world and lose your soul,
Wisdom is better than silver or gold."
- Bob Marley
I'm frisky. It was almost 70 degrees here in the Big City. Truly the first day of Spring... and I milled around Central Park for a little bit before I went over to my brother's place and behold... Derek McGrupp... installed Party Poker onto his new laptop! I quickly hit the tables... and kept my hit and run style of playing NL ring games, ready to trap the fish. I flopped a Q high flush and had two fishies betting into me and I took down a $60 pot. I walked away with a $21/hr win rate today... and lost $11 in a $10 SNG when I busted out in 6th place. I was doomed from the start when I was playing A-Q out of my blinds and lost to a jerkoff who played 9-10 and flopped and river'd a 10 when I had top pair on the flop. Like one of my fraternity brothers once said...
"I'd like to punch three holes into that guy and take him bowling..."
Anyway... more to come for sure, now that I have weekend access to another non-Mac with Party Poker... I'm fired up at the thought of being able to play at peak fishy hours.

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