Sunday, March 14, 2004

Mellow Sunday... the Calm Before March Madness

I recently took an unannounced hiatus from poker. I have not played since Wednesday night's poker blogger tourney and I probably won't play again until Tuesday or Wednesday. I just thought I could use a few days off. Sometimes poker gets a little too stressful, espeically tournament play. Like most of the things I am passionate about... I throw myself completely into what I do. And sometimes I need mini breaks where I take several steps back and focus my energies elsewhere. I finally caught up on my missed writing sessions and I'm pumped to work on the new issue of Truckin' this week. I got a new writer and two staff writers submitted new stories. I'll have a Miami story for you and I will be sumbitting my a story called Sad Amy.

Alas, I now have more time to watch college basketball and Spring Training baseball. It was cool to watch a few Yankees games. I think next year my brother and I are going to go down and catch a week's worth of Spring Training games all over Florida.

March Madness is almost upon us. I watched a shitload of college hoops yesterday and I am setting aside a chunk of my afternoon to watch several conference finals and scout out good teams to pick for my upcoming pool. The brackets for the tournament are announced tonight. You can get a jump start on setting up your team and sheet for this year's Pauly's Pub March Madness Pool. There are five of us in the pool ($50 total prize pool...) and I expect 20 more people to join! One of my teams is named: Inside the Paris Hilton. More to come.

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