Saturday, March 20, 2004

I Killed Spalding Gray
"It's odd that I met you. It's too many coincidences." - Spalding Gray
The Essay: I Killed Spalding Gray is written by Davis Sweet and appears in the Village Voice. Here's a bit:
In what must have been a five-minute monologue, he spilled everything behind those incredible eyes. A car accident in Ireland fractured his hip, a rib, and his skull, and he was only in the city tonight because he had been called to a recording studio to redub one line from a movie where he was a psychiatrist and the line was about antidepressants and now, because of the accident and the house, and Oh! the house! he was on those same antidepressants, and did I know anything about antidepressants because he didn't remember if he was supposed to be drinking wine with them, and, and, and ... I was exhausted hearing it, particularly because so many of these things made him cry.

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