Friday, March 19, 2004

Reader Mail

Actual letters from actual readers!

1. Re: Wil Wheaton and the Tao of Poker

Ryan wrote:
Hey Pauly - So, from Wil Wheaton’s blog I ended up at Tao of Poker… just wanted to say hi, and thanks for pointing out Party Poker. I've been playing on Yahoo, which just sucks Great stories too, incidentally - I didn't realize there were so many poker blogs out there! Yesterday was a bad day for me on Party Poker... the luck of the Irish was not with me. I'm not playing for money yet (not confident enough in my play, and can't afford the $50 min first deposit) but I managed to wipe out all the gains I've had on Party over the last couple days in one fell swoop.
Dear Ryan, Thanks for linking me up on your site. Soon I encourage you to make the jump to real money tables! A lot of cash out there. Take care, see ya, Pauly

2. Re: Manhattan Upsets Florida

Zobo wrote:
Was I ever wrong... I didn't realize that the UF women's team was going to play today instead of the men's team. I have never seen so many pussies on the same court.
Dear Zobo, Too funny man. I told you that your alma mater was going down to teh Jaspers! Hoooooo! Say hello to Beano for me. See ya, McG

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