Wednesday, October 23, 2002

A friend of mine works in Washington and here's what he has to say about the recent Sniper Stuff:

"This dude I work with who is former FBI swears up and down that this isn't al-Qaeda. Says it a random crazy motherfucker. I think I agree. Another theory: this is an al-Qaeda tactic to take all available resources away from other security details, so that al-Q can do something worse. In other words, this could all be a diversionary tactic. That would be ugly."

My take:

Theory 1: After hearing about the most recent rumor of $10 Million in exchange for not killing school kids, leads me to formulate the opinion that the sniper is an American, a white guy middle aged, some military and/or college education, probably divorced, with no kids. Terrorists want death not cash.

Theory 2: It is a diversionary tactic from al-Qaeda and something big is going down in the DC area.

Theory 3: Diversionary tactic from the "powers to be" to keep everyone's attention focused on fear and the sniper, instead of more important issues, like Iraq, the economy, anti-terrorism laws being passed by Congress, mid term elections, etc...

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