Thursday, October 31, 2002

Stephen A. speaks out... on Smack Dealing Cops in Seattle

Here is an e-mail he sent me this Monday:

Yes, speaking of dope, Re: the Henry Miller quote.

Today, an in uniform Seattle policeman was arrested selling heroin on the corner of Broadway (and East Roy I belive), it appers this 2 or 3 yr. veteran of the force was shaking down dealers for the yam yam and giving it to other more friendly dealers. It seems he felt there was nothing wrong with drug dealing on his beat, he just did not want bad drugs to be dealt to people. Well, I can kind of understand that sentiment as a former heroin user of about 30 years ago, but , if I could make one minor suggestion or perhaps ask a question, why did he need to be in uniform and in his car when he was free dealing?

Was this to engender trust to the street addicts that you can trust the man who wears the blue not to sell you bad smack , or if you buy it from this cop he perhaps will look the other way, or if you are a heroin dealer, look out because this Seattle police officer is in the same trade and is expanding his territory and will offer free dime bags to the friendlys... for myself, I think we have enough people selling heroin on the streets we do not need a cop doing it, I admire the desire to see heroin addicts get clean dope, sterile needles and assistance if they choose to get it. But if the cops are gonna start dealing, then just legalize all the drugs and let the people do what they want, beacuse the cops are not doing the job they fell they have to do, put addicts in jail. How about treatment instead? Worked for me.... you can blog this if you want to Paul.


P.S. In an update to the cop story, he was shaking down heroin dealers and exchanging the yam-yam for pot! The free enterprise system at work!

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