Friday, August 13, 2004

Hanging at Camdem

The Phish, 8.12.04 Camden, NJ

Set 1:
Wilson, You Enjoy Myself > Ghost > Maze > Catapult > Maze, Moma Dance, Horn, Pebbles and Marbles

Set 2: Piper > Sneaking Sally > Cavern > Limb By Limb, Julius, Rock and Roll, Scents and Subtle Sounds*

Encore: Lawn Boy, Frankenstein

Notes: *Trey, Mike and Page leave stage one by one while Fishman continues drumming (Trey left his guiatr on a wacky loop, and it was playing along with FIsh until he stopped and walked off stage)

Holy shit! What a friggin hot show!! They are getting better everyday!! I'm too tired to write a review, but Page was the man!! I just got back from the show. The highlights had to include a surreal and unreal appearance than none other... Al Can't Hang and Mrs. Hang!!! And they hooked up me and Bruce with VIP seats for the entire second set!!! Huh? Check back later and I'll tell you more, before I pick up Molly in 12 hours and leave for Vermont.

Miles Driven: 1587
States Visited: 9 (including NY)
Speeding Tickets: 1
Phish Concerts: 4
Gas + Tolls: $169.05
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Eaten: 5
Random Hugs from Hippie Girls: 9

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