Saturday, August 07, 2004

I Made the Money! 36th Place

I came in 36th place earlier today in a tournament on Party Poker. I was so sick this morning, I wasn't even going to play. But at the last second, I said, "Fuck it."

There were 1262 players and the top 120 places made the prize money. First place paid $1262. I grinded my way to 36th place. My brother was doing great at one point. He was 20th out of 211 (and I was around 160th at that point) but ended up in 165th place, missing the money by a few spots. I'll write up a detailed report to the Tao of Poker later. Over 600 players were knocked out in the first hour. That's how insane these tourneys are.

This was the second money finish for me in those grueling multi table tournaments on Party Poker. Last month, I placed 27th out of 980+ and made the money for the first time.

I've been a rush this week playing online at Party Poker.

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