Monday, August 09, 2004

Pauly Phish Quiz Answers

1. What state did I see the most Phish shows? a) New York
2. What city did I see the most Phish shows? a) New York City
3. What member of Phish have I never met? a) Trey
4. What country did I not see Phish in? d) NONE OF THE ABOVE
5. Pick the city where I have seen Phish at least three times. a) Miami
6. Pick the one venue Senor and I saw Phish. b) The Gorge
7. Pick the song I consider a "Pauly's gonna take a piss song!"... a) Bouncin'
8. Who's my favorite member of Phish? c) Page
9. What city did Heather lock her car keys in her trunk, and I had to ask a cop to help us while tripping? a) Boise, ID
10. Which musician did I not see perform with Phish? c) Jerry Garcia
TIE BREAKER: How many Phish shows have I seen since the hiatus ended? 32

Congrats to Alea who got 7 correct. She tied with Zobo and my brother, but won the tie breaker. Yuh and Molly were next wit 6 each.

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