Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dreams of Labia Minor

I had an explicit sex dream about two weeks ago involving an ex-girlfriend. I woke up in the middle of the night, so the recall of the dream was near perfect. The details were strange, but vivid. We were hooking up on someone's plastic white lawn furniture in the backyard of a suburban tract house and she started going down on me. An old guy sat in his living room and watched Sportscenter. I could see the highlights of a random hockey game and suddenly freaked out because I was worried he'd see us in his backyard. I suggested that we go nextdoor because the people in that house were sleeping. We continued random oral sex acts one each other, this time on a wooden picnic bench.

Here's where it gets freaky. She had a few tattoos which were missing during the dream. However, the exact details of the way her vagina looked were remarkable. A replica, even the way the pubic hairs were arranged. I was astonished. I woke up with a full wood and had a tough time falling back to sleep. I think it was the comfortable Borgata bed and all the frilly pillows that put me in that headspace.

At any rate, I know I'll be getting a few emails the next few days... "Did you dream about me, Pauly?"

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