Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Funny Interview with Derek

These days my brother is conducting interviews about me! Good Lord. You can check out... In honor of THE live blogging Man which was posted by StB at Beer City Poker.

Here's a bit of the interview from StB:
I tried to come up with 3 good questions for Derek to answer about his brother. After 14 hours of beer, this is the best I could do:

StB: Does Pauly never really sleep?

Derek: Pauly is one of the few people who sleeps less than me. I usually get 4 maybe 5 hours of sleep a night max. Pauly gets even less sleep than that. He's a man on a mission. I feel like a sloth in comparison. He's a true insomniac whereas I'm just a fucking amatuer. Who needs sleep when there's so much booze and weed to consume.

StB: How many strippers can he juggle at once?

I must say that I've never been to a strip club with the good doctor. Pretty weird huh? He says that his face seats 4 comfortably but Grubby tells me that Pauly's just being modest and that he can actually handle 5 strippers at once! I'm not too impressed though. Now 6 strippers at once would be something to hoot and holler about. Yawn.

StB: Does he steal your stash when you are not looking?

LOL!!! good question, StN. I like your thought process! He used to steal from my stash in the dark days of yester-year but ever since the poker boom in 2003 . . . our roles have been reversed. I find myself stealing from his stash more and more these days. The best part about that is that the good doctor is always on the road these days so my access to his large stash is unlimited. Sorry!! REFILL and REBUY!!!!

StB: Bonus question... Will he pass out at the Boathouse this year?

As Rodney Dangerfield once said . . . "I don't know how to fall asleep . . . I only know how to pass out." Though I will say this about Dr. Pauly . . . . he never passes out in public!
Thanks to StB and Derek!

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