Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cool Exposure

The WSOP Press Crew: Amy, Me, Sherry, and Dan

My article about Jen Tilly winning a WSOP bracelet called Better Than an Oscar appeared on the front page of Fox Sports for at least a day. Wow. Not too shabby, eh? BG called to tell me that it was in Google News as well. That ended up being the most read peice of work that I have written to date.

Flipchip told me that I am the most single read writer at the WSOP... if you add up my poker blog, the recaps on and on Poker Player Newspaper, along with the Fox Sports articles. If youa dd the fact that Wil Wheaton linked me up along with the folks at Odd Jack... then that adds a huge readership.

I still think Flipchip is wrong... and that Nolan Dalla is read more than me... but shit the second most read writer is still pretty cool.

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