Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Las Vegas or Vegas?

I've been here for one month. I'm ready to leave.

The locals call this town: Las Vegas. I've been calling it Vegas for decades. Since I've been living here, I'm techincally a local and I've been trying to use locals' lingo. Grubby has been living here for almost a year and Iggy lived her for a good amount of time in the 1990s. They gave me the rundown about all things local.

The food situation is still a problem. I miss good pizza. I miss great Chinese food. I miss NYC diners. I miss eating a bagel. I miss Italian food.

My last few meals have been either Wendys, In & Out Burger, McD's, Subway, the 24 hr place at the Wild Wild West Casino across the street from where I live, the buffet here at the Rio, the deli at the Sports Book here at the Rio, or the sandwich line outside the poker room here at the Rio. I'm starving for some variety. Every 4th meal is a bland chicken breast sandwhich here at the Rio and I've eaten more cheeseburgers or fries this month than in the last month than all of this year.

I discovered that the small gift shop has some food items including pound cake. That's my midnight snack.

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