Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday in Vegas

Yesterday on my poker blog, I opened up with this comment:
It's Thursday but I really wouldn't know it. I have lost all concept of time. Living in Vegas does that to you. Did I happen to mention that I'm positive that I have a drug dealer and a hooker living a few doors down? I wonder if I can get a package deal?

I also have a white trash family of 18 living in a one bedroom apartment next door to me. Every morning at 10am is "Red Neck Family Hour" in my complex, which is complete with drunken arguments, a slap fight, and several malnourished kids running rampant in front of my window. Yeah, my apartment is in a flavorful place. I have this freaky feeling that someone's homemade meth lab in the adjacent building unit is going to blow up and all my WSOP notes will be destroyed.
I left the Rio before sun up last night. Weeeeee! I've been logging some long ass nights. I haven't played any poker since this weekend when my only highlight was when I cashed in a tournament at the Plaza. I was worried when I took this job covering the WSOP that I'd be out at all hours boozing hard and playing poker until my bankroll evaporated. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time.

Yesterday, I played some poker in a casino. It was my first session as a "local." I played NL and lost $35. I should have dropped more, but the players are so bad that I got away with a few mistakes. Tourists are the ultimate fish. Their skill level is far from the pros I get to see everyday. The short day on Thursday allowed me to get a chance to write for myself, talk to my brother, and catch up on well-needed sleep.

Whenever I arrive to work, I always recant the sordid tales from my apartment complex that went down the previous night. One of my fellow writers at the WSOP, Jay Greenspan mentioned me, "Doc, get the hell out of there!"

He's lucky and gets to stay at the Rio for free. He told me about the chicks commingling at the pool. Smoking. Hot. Damn. I have to stop by and do a little drooling. Jay's the man. Go read his kick ass reports over at Poker Wire. He has first class accommodations at the Rio while I'm staying at the Red Neck Riviera, which I'm positive I saw on a previous episode of COPS. You know the episode I'm talking about, the one where the naked guy sprints through the parking lot and a cop the size of Mean Joe Green tackles him to the pavement.

I can't leave my apartment. I dig it. Lots of material for me. Plus, I found out there are a couple of strippers who live upstairs. Last night, I was about to introduce myself before they got into a fight in front of my door.
"Why didn't you fuckin' wait for me?" one yelled.

"I didn't know you wanted me to?"

"Stupid bitch! I told you when we were in the bathroom!"

"No you didn't. You're fucked up!"

"Fuck you, bitch."

"You always get fucked up and think you said things when you didn't!"

"Shut the fuck up or I'll drag your ass down the stairs."
I would have paid big bucks to see that! Anyway, big day of work for me today. I have to cover two final tables. And yes, Derek warned me, but I'm eating a ton of fast food. I've done Wendy's twice, In & Out Burger once, and Quizno's once.

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That's it for now. See ya!

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