Monday, June 06, 2005

First WSOP Live Update: Event #4 Limit and Event #5 Omaha Hi/Lo

Wow, I'm sitting in the media room at the Rio. I finally met Amy Calistri, who works for Poker Pages. She's a big fan of my blogs. She just introduced me to Lou Krieger. I called him "Mr. Krieger" and he said, "What's this Mr. stuff?"

If you don't know, Allen Cunnigham beat out Scott Fischman to win Event #2 late last night to win the $1500 NL event. Check out Poker Player Newspaper for more info.

***** ***** *****

Updates: I watched Lou Krieger get KO'd out of the Omaha event. He's a nice guy and said he'd be available for an interview later this week. This is the only event he's playing in until July.

I'm in the media room hanging out with Dan from Pokerati and we're talking shop. Glad he's here to shoot the shit with. Can't wait for Otis to arrive!

Chatted with Nolan Dalla about the Stu Ungar book. He's a great guy and a damn good writer. Bumped into Jay Greenspan and we chatted about his upcoming book. I saw Scotty Nguyen fixing his hair in the bathroom.

"What's up Scotty?" I said.

"What's up, Baby?!" he replied.

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