Monday, June 20, 2005

Thanks Oddjack!

Oddjack pimped both me and my brother Derek today. Thanks guys! Here's what they said about me in a post called Tao of Poker Continues His WSOP Ubiquity:
One of the most fascinating stories about the WSOP so far has got to be the fact that it seems one man is completely outreporting everybody else in terms of match-recaps, anecdotal lunacy, and his own personal impressions. (aka Pauly/Tao of Poker) takes time away from his Las Vegas and Poker Blogging, his Poker Player Newspaper reporting, his own personal blog, to write a story for Fox News about his impressions after the first two weeks of the WSOP. We're assuming that he either wrote this story in the shower or while he was sleeping because it doesn't seem humanly possible for a man to churn out as much hardline information as this. Maybe he just types with his feet? Regardless, color us completely impressed.
Thanks for the pimpage again guys. I'm impressed that I impressed the Oddjack junta.

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