Thursday, May 30, 2002

Blind Lady

I saw a blind lady on the subway this morning. She had a seeing eye dog. She walked into the middle of the subway car and just stood there. I was sitting in the first seat next to the door, and I stood up and said, "Pardon me, Ma'am, would you like my seat?" She turns her head in my direction, an said, "Thanks." and sat down. Her dog curled up around her legs right in front of her and was quiet the whole subway ride.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Ironic Bluntonic

Ironic Bluntonic, supersonic colonic,
Stereophonic electronic,
Plate Tectonic,
Catatonic laconic chronic hydroponic

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Abundant Gestures

Abundant gestures of disorganization
Rile the deminodes with uninspired sighs
And the wavering incessant fodder
Of restless, agitated, prudent musicians
Baffle the tamale hording serfs.

Monday, May 27, 2002

Dictionary, please?

Got a funny e-mail from someone who wrote, "Good poem, except I had no clue what half those words meant." So here's a short vocabulary lesson:
Feral: adj. Existing in a wild or untamed state. (From Latin fera: wild animal; from ferus: wild)

Pernicious: adj 1: exceedingly harmful 2: working or spreading in a hidden and usually injurious way. (From Latin pernicious: destruction)

Nubile: adj. 1. Ready for marriage; of a marriageable age or condition. Sexually mature and attractive young women. (Latin for to take a husband)

Gregarious: adj. Habitually living or moving in flocks or herds; tending to flock or herd together; not habitually solitary or living alone (Latin for belonging to a flock)

Harmonious shrieks

Harmonious shrieks ejaculated from fabulous she-males
stun the gregarious pedestrians with fistfulls of Euro Dollars.
Humbled by the archaic sayings of the Druids,
with synthetic layers of feral exchanges from nubile co-eds,
the old Germanic soldier quietly hums to himself,
yearning to extinguish the pernicious dreams that fester
and feed at the cauldron of his zealous sympathy.

Sunday, May 26, 2002

West Coast Boogie

Nothing is better than coming home to hear a warm voicemail message from Boogie and Doobie, on the road somewhere in Oregon.

"About 3 hours outside of Portland,"
she explained, "And we're excited to arrive... and spent a few days there."

They had just left Sun Valley, Idaho en route to Portland, and called upon reaching the Pacific Time Zone, a nice gesture from the sisters.

"Our trip is so wonderful, so far!" she happily says, "Spent a few days in Jackson Hole, Wyoming which was phenomenal... a charming cowboy of a town."

They also visited the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks. Good to know they are safe and having a groovy time, plus I always dig kick-ass travel stories and random tales from the road.

Neutiquam Erro!

Mundane Cloudy Images

Lazy eyes from the crooked cat
stalked the mundane cloudy images
of an injured field mouse
in the somewhat dim midnight moon.

Chants and echoes of the fallen apricots
wrap themselves in tiny pewter baskets,
as the elderly snicker and sell their medication
to angst-ridden suburban teenagers.

Saturday, May 25, 2002

Senor in Thailamd

Just read an e-mail from Senor, who is in Thailand. Here is an excerpt:

Dude, I was staying at this posh island resort, but I checked out this morning and checked into another resort that has ESPN... now I was able to watch game 3 live of the Sacramento/Lakers series, I'll be able to see games 3 and 4 of the nets/celtic series and as a bonus they are showing the fourth game of the red sox/yankees series... I get to sit on my ass watch TV and beyond my TV screen I overlook the beautiful beach... life is good!!!!!!! I stood up 2 thai chicks last night who wanted me to meet them out dancing... today three chicks that work at the hotel I checked out of asked me to go dancing with them tonight and then at my new hotel a waitress gave me her number and asked me to go dancing with her, LOL, I think ASIA agrees with me.... why can't this shit happen in NYC????? Anyway, hope all is well, see you in a week or so.... Senor:)


Greetings and a warm hello to all! Finally, a long awaited site has arrived on the web where you can take a sincere peek into my sublime madness, a cosmic glimpse into the vile insanity, or a hesitant taste of my reluctant cyber rants and ramblings. There will be more to come. For now, check out The Daily Dave, a daily cyber journal written by my old freshman hall roommate from Emory University. Dave suggested I look into this kick-ass site, Blogger. Thanks Dawg!

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