Friday, June 28, 2002

Classic Martha Stewart Joke

Q. How do you make Martha Stewart scream twice?

A. Fuck her in the ass, then wipe your dick on her new silk curtains.
Twelfth Night

Act I, Scene V

CLOWN: Two faults, madonna, that drink and good counsel will amend:
for give the dry fool drink, then is the fool not dry; bid the
dishonest man mend himself: if he mend, he is no longer
dishonest; if he cannot, let the botcher mend him. Anything
that's mended is but patched; virtue that transgresses is but
patched with sin, and sin that amends is but patched with virtue.
If that this simple syllogism will serve, so; if it will not,
what remedy? As there is no true cuckold but calamity, so
beauty's a flower:--the lady bade take away the fool; therefore,
I say again, take her away.

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Friday, June 21, 2002

Wienermobile Pulled Over for Driving Too Close to Pentagon The vehicle was on it's way to the National Capital Barbecue Battle in Washington. It forced the FBI to issue a hotdog vender alert on all East Coast Cities. They are acting on a tip that terror groups will hijack hot dog carts and serve undercooked hotdogs.


The June issue of Truckin' has been published. Truckin' is my new monthly E-Zine featuring short stories, travel tales and other sagas. Thanks to all the writers who submitted their stories. Good work. Now it's time for me to start working on the July Issue!

In this month's issue:

Subway Quotes by Tenzin McGrupp
The Cheshire Grin by Señor
Desperation by Inasa J. Carter
The WHAT Lounge? by Armando Huerta
Fukuoka, Phishy City by Tenzin McGrupp
The Blandford Sisters Do America by Lori Blandford
How High Can You Try by Señor
The Catch Up Conversation by Tenzin McGrupp
Smoke a Joint and Your Future is McDonald's is a brilliant article from Janelle Brown a writer for Salon. Here's a bit: "America loves a happy ending: The prisoner on the brink of release decides it's time to straighten out and go to college; the addict gets himself off drugs and becomes a community leader; the teenager grows up and gets responsible. Rebounding from a troubled past is a great American tradition, rewarded even with the highest post in the nation: President George W. Bush is a former alcoholic turned born-again Christian turned world leader."

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Trey Stops Traffic after his show the other night at Radio City Music Hall. Read all about it from today's NY Post. Thanks to Spider for the link!
Truckin' my new webapge and E-Zine will be released upon the Earth, FRIDAY JUNE 21. Wake the kids and call the neighbors! Here comes Truckin'!
Midnight News Roundup

Trey Anastasio & Band will be appearing on Last Call with Carson Daly next week in New York City. The show airs on Monday night, June 24 on NBC. And Trey will appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday, June 26. Check local listings for showtimes.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002



Set 1: Push On Til the Day, Money Love Change (25 min), Mozambique, Cayman Review, Last Tube
Set 2: Simple Twist Up Dave (25 min), Mr. Completely (25 min), Night Speaks to a Woman, Ether Sunday, at the Gazebo
Encore 2: as Alive Again ends in picks up into a jam with all these random people on stage banging all kinds of instruments and dressed very oddly. Trey leads no less than 60 people off stage into the crowd -- MARDI Gras style of a parade, he walked right past me!!! Everyone was shaking his hand, and the band and carnival freaks all walked out of the venue and into the street with all the band members and the other guests he had for the encore still playing their instruments. The percussionists, drummers started drumming & banging in the middle of 51st Street and blocked off traffic! As everyone that left the show they lingered and played for 5 more minutes as Trey watched from his dressing room window and waved to everybody.

NO PHISHY GUESTS (but Fishman played with Trey in Buffalo) Time: Set 1 = 1:10, Set 2 w/ E = 1:35

Will write a review later. For now time to sleep.

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Pauly Rushed to ER

Special Thanks to Dr. Rob an ER Doctor at Columbia. He put me back together after a minor altercation earlier this morning. Thanks, Doc! And thanks to my brother Derek who came with me to the ER and helped pay for the bill.

When I woke up this morning, I had only two things planned today (besides writing, that's always a given): 1) Go to work and 2) Watch the Yankees-Mets game. I forgot to add a few things to my schedule, like: losing my temper, a nasty fight with disrespectful relatives, dislocating a finger, and going to the ER at Columbia. I was just on my way to work (on a Sunday) and somehow I ended up in the emergency room with a dislocated finger, after the follow through and force of an errant punch caused a dislocation of the fifth digit on my right hand. X-Rays proved that nothing was broken or fractured. But there is some ligament and nerve damage. My finger is splinted up, and my hand is still a little numb from the Lidocain (spelling?) that Doctor used to numb the area so he can snap it back into place. And I got some good pharmies and painkillers. It didn't hurt as much as you think. When the nurse asked me if I was in any pain, I had the whole ER in stitches when I cracked, "Not as much pain as I will be in when I get my bill."

Actually my hand hurts now more than before (six hours ago when this happened). Plus I have to type with my left hand, and I won't be able to jerk off for at least 3 days. Doctors Orders. I also am not supposed to write with my right hand or type with it for at least a week! I was advised that I need surgery to repair the damage to my pinky finger and hand. This of course freaks me out, because I don't have health insurance and I am right handed and as a writer and painter I kind a need full control of my hand(s). Right now, typing lefty has already slowed down my mental process. I can't type as fast as I think, and this already frustrates me. The hardest part is using the MOUSE. Right & Left Clicking has never seemed so difficult to me as it is now. It's taken me 3 times longer to write this than it should have. I came to the awkward realization while I was waiting for hours in the hospital, that I'm proper fucked if I ever lose my hands and fingers. I ain't afraid of dying, I'm afraid of living without being able to express myself. That, it no poetic terms, is far worse that DEATH.

Originally I had hurt this hand in 1993 during football practice at Emory, and this injury crops up from time to time. I usually pop the finger back into place, take a few aspirin and let it heal naturally, but today I couldn't get the fucker to budge and I realized I needed professional medical assistance. Reluctantly, I went to the ER because I DO NOT HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE so you can imagine if I could find a home remedy, I would utilize it. But alas, I had to suck it up and get it fixed. Now it's time to wait for the bill to come, and I quietly use that time to reflect and ponder my actions. I realize that I should have controlled my temper and anger much better because this could jeopardize my career on Wall Street. I also realized my hands are the most important thing to me, so maybe I should get this surgery done.

I will post my ER Bill and X-Rays as soon as they come available to me.
Heady News Update

4 Shot, Hostage Standoff at East Village Bar earlier this morning as a man with two guns and a sword robbed two couples and shot another guy before a hostage standoff with police ended when he was shot. East Village resident Gil Shapir reported that police helicopters and SWAT teams were called into action shortly after 1:30am.

Police Bust Country Club Hooker Ring It's not the new plot of Caddyshack 3 but something that could only happen in Southern California.

Bush Orders LETHAL FORCE to bring down Saddam and gives the CIA more tools to undertake a comprehensive and covert program to topple Saddam Hussein, including authority to use lethal force to capture the Wacky Iraqi.

Arrests Reveal Al Qaeda Plans Information was obtained from three al Qaeda operatives who were captured in Morocco. They say Osama bin Laden commanded his fighters to disperse across the globe to attack American and Jewish interests.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

Heady News Update: Dead Reunion Dead?

GRATEFUL DEAD REUNION SHOWS HITS SNAG read the article from Here is a bit: "A county highway committee denied a permit to the promoters of a Grateful Dead reunion concert, saying the area could not handle the enormous crowd expected. The Walworth County Highway Committee on Tuesday turned down the request by Clear Channel Entertainment to stage Terrapin Station - A Grateful Dead Family Reunion on Aug. 3-4 in East Troy, Wisconsin."
Quote from Richard Linklater: "I say color outside the lines. Color right off the fucking page."
Mike Gordon sits in with Trey Anastasio at the encore for last night's show in Mansfield, MA. They played Mike's Song. Can't wait until Tuesday!

Friday, June 14, 2002

McGrupp's Midnight News Roundup

Teacher beats 19 First Graders with Broomstick Scary, but only in New York! At PS 4 in the Washington Heigths section of Manhattan a sub loses his temper after kids throw crayons.

Nude Female Artist Freaks Out Chile A teen-age performance artist known as Baby Vamp sent shock waves through Chile by strolling naked down city streets of Santiago in the conservative South American nation.

Alabama Woman Stabs Mississippi Man, Almost Cuts Off Ass Only in Ala-fuckin-bama. A girlfriend was arrested with stabbing her boyfriend repeatedly in the buttocks. According to District Attorney McCool, "The wounds were so severe to the buttocks that they are gone... It's pretty bad."

Canadian Potheads Turned Away at US Border an article from called Crossing the Line written by Jackie Cade from Monday Magazine.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Missing Money! is a link for a website that was sent to me by John Wilkins. He explains, "It is a site that shows accounts of unclaimed $$$ held by state agencies for various reasons (old bank accounts, last paychecks, stock splits, etc.) Yes it is real as I found a savings account held by a deceased relative who died 31 years ago, although no I have not tried to collect it yet. Be forewarned - the administrative paperwork and aggravation spent trying to recover might probably exceed the reward. Happy hunting.'
Nuptials... a belated congrats to Mike "Modeski" Weiner and his lovely bride Holly who were married this past weekend in Lancaster, PA.
Heady News Update

New SCOOBY DOO Flick DROPS DRUG SUBTEXT! It's true, the film has been Hollywood-ized in order to target a younger audience and market merchandising to a wider spectrum of people. Makes me sad! Bring back the random stoner references and silly pot and Velma lesbo jokes.

Security Lapse Shows Secret American Spy Photos on TV European satellite TV viewers can watch live broadcasts of peacekeeping and anti-terrorist operations being conducted by US spyplanes over the Balkans.
VACLAV: "What's on TV tonight?"
PETROVIC: "The Simpsons, Rush Hour, Look Who's Talking 2, and US Military Patrol of the Macedonian-Kosovan border, near Skopje."
Man gets 25 years for beating up Trick-or-Treater In California, a man described by a judge as "an evil monster" was sentenced to 25 years in prison for using a baseball bat, metal pipe and golf club to attack a 12-year-old Halloween trick-or-treater on his doorstep.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Heady News Update

CEO BUSTED for INSIDER TRADING Samuel Waksal, the former CEO of ImClone Systems was arrested by the FBI on charges he illegally acted on inside information in attempting to sell ImClone shares and tipping others to do likewise, including Martha Stewart who dumped 3000 shares of ImClone the day before the FDA announced it was rejecting their new experimental cancer drug Erbitux and made a nice $175,000.

Subpoena Martha Stewart! and start selling MSO stock! in her company Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Tampa Reporter David Simanoff sent me an article from the which says: "Shares in Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia have dropped 10 percent today on news that FBI agents arrested Martha's longtime friend Samuel Waksal this morning. Waksal, until recently CEO of the drug company ImClone Systems, is being charged with conspiracy to commit securities fraud and perjury... Waksal tipped off two ImClone investors to sell their stock on Dec. 27, 2001—the day before the Food and Drug Administration rejected ImClone's application for a cancer drug called Erbitux... Completely by coincidence, Martha Stewart sold about 3,000 ImClone shares that very day. Stewart's shares were worth about $175,000."

ARTIST CHOPS OFF OWN FINGER! Seriously, here's a blurb: "Wielding an ax before a bewildered audience, a French performance artist Pierre Pinoncelli chopped off his pinky finger in a gory show meant to symbolize the loss suffered by the kidnapping of a Colombian politician. Pinoncelli, whose previous stunts include urinating on Marcel Duchamp's work "The Urinal," shocked an art festival audience in the provincial city of Cali with his weekend self mutilation to protest the kidnapping of Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt."
A Subway Story from my brother, Derek:

"I think some dude died on the subway this morning. I was on the No. 3 Express Train and this guy had a siezure and was drooling really bad at 34th Street. Then, he just stopped and his eyes rolled into the back of his head and then he wasn't blinking or shaking anymore. I got off and jumped onto the local train. I don't know what happened next. I do know that the train never moved. Crazy morning."

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

To celebrate Denmark's brave victory over Les Grenouilles, it's only proper to pay homage to the Great Prince of the Danes, Hamlet. Here's his quote:

Exposing what is mortal and unsure
To all that fortune, death, and danger dare,
Even for an egg-shell.

Monday, June 10, 2002

Heady News

Brazilian Journalist Killed by Drug Dealers Tim Lopes disappeared last week while investigating drug trafficking and the sexual abuse of young girls in one of Rio's slums.

Rookie hits HR in MLB debut off of Randy Johnson as NY Yankees rookie, Marcus Thames hit the first pitch he saw from Johnson to deep left-center field for a 2 run HR. He is only the second Yankee to ever hit a HR in his first at bat. Marcus Thames, from Mississippi, was called up from the minors earlier in the day because rookie Juan Rivera was placed on the DL for hurting his knee while running into a golf cart this weekend.

Booze or Breasts? Voters in Prague are beeing wooed by competing political parties. The Christian Democrats offering free shots to woo voters and the Communist Party had topless girls handing out flyers. Gotta love the Czech Republic!

British Police Hunt for Monkey Burglar London police are on the look out for a guilty looking chimp that has robebd two London homes. Chimp? or just a drunken midget who hasn't shaved in a while?
From the Tao of Steve:

"Doin' stuff is overrated. Hitler did alot of stuff and doesn't eveyone wish he had stayed home, did nothing and just smoked alot of pot?
Monday mornings are always odd in NYC. Before my alarm went off, I had a strange dream where I was hooking up with Sandra Bullock of all people. She's a bad kisser by the way. Avoid her in you slumber wanderings if you can. Now I cannot explain it, but I suddenly have this desire to see the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. If I don't, I'm afraid that Sandy Buttocks won't stop calling my voicemail at all hours, without leaving messages and start to stalk me! So my morning wasn't a total loss. I ended up cutting the shit out of my face while shaving this morning. I cannot recall a cut like this in years, maybe a decade! Just call me Scarface. And it's not even 7am and I already have 2 odd twisted stories. But I haven't even mentioned the guy on the subway who shit his pants! Bad enough the train had no air conditioning, but some guy wearing flip flops and a orange tank-top had a serious case of the shits. Mondays in NYC.


Coming Soon! I am happy to announce that on June 21 I will be launching a new E-Zine called Truckin', which will feature short stories, sagas and tales from the road, an excellent site for travelers. This month's issue will feature the debut of Senor as an author, as he clues us in on his Southeast Asian travels. Get ready... in 11 days. Truckin'...

Sunday, June 09, 2002

The GUY SMILEY BLUES EXCHANGE is a new band that you should check out via their website. From Nashville, TN, theGSBE consider themsleves Funk-flavored Groove. I agree. Definitely sound alot like Galactic and Medeski, Martin & Wood and yeah even a little Phishy. You can read a blurb about GSBE from Atlanta's Creative Loafing. Can't wait until these guys bust out in NYC.
Weekends like this weekend are rare in the cosmos, but when all the stars line up just right, magical things can happen in this chaotic cluster of gelatinous energy at the end of our galaxy. Alexander Pope said it best, "What mighty conquests arise from trivial things." And as the sun rose and set on the world, wars were fought, rebels terrorized the stability of their home nations, men died and women cried. As the internal strife's and struggles of the sordid masses overwhelm the dismal individuals in the darkest corners of the planet in the war torn countries of Sierra Leone and Kashmir, and in other more glamorous places, where war and famine is just something you hear about perhaps muttered in casual conversations by the locals, the likes of Paris, and Memphis and Belmont and Yokohama Bay, where spectators gathered, sports enthusiasts flocked, bettors tensed up, and the media watched and recorded the events of this weekend, the cosmic weekend, when all these "trivial contests" that Alexander Pope mused about, had taken hold of the attention of the rest of the world. Indeed the glory of competition and the depravity of the underground evil that cunningly lurks behind the imperialistic organization of professional sports do eventually collide, and release abundant waves of energy upon the world, as the ripples trickle and topple everything sane within their paths. Yes, weekends like this spring up like an unexpected oil geyser in the middle of a wide open dust field in central Texas and keep us all watching in amazement and disbelief.

The sports world had gathered up the best of the best. Horses from around the world raced on the sandy tracks of Belmont Park to see if history would be made. Men on skates played three extra sessions to determine the outcome of Lord Stanley's infamous Cup. Sisters Williams were pitted against each other on the clay courts in Roland Garros. In The Bronx, a slugger named Bonds walked into the House That Ruth Built, the sanctuary of all stadiums, Yankee Stadium, proved why he is one of the best in the game, as opposing fans, cheered and applauded his feats, a rarity indeed. Across Southeast Asia, teams of the best soccer/football players from the corners of the world were organized to decide the dominant nation in kicking around a spherical object without using their hands, and in the shadows of Memphis, two met battled to prove to the overanxious sadistic audience who was really the best boxer in the world.

Amidst all this glory and honor of the spirit of competition, so too did the vultures awaken to the energy and rapidly swoop in to feast on the left-overs, they are the money mongers who lust after and compulsively masturbate over days like this, let alone a weekend filled with tremendous economic opportunity, whether it be from merchandising or from illegal sports betting. The gamblers and the shylocks crawled out of their deranged compartments and wandered into the sunlight to fleece the masses to make a huge score on anything and everything. Indeed. THE FIX WAS IN! at Belmont as a 70-1 shot wins the Belmont Stakes and upsets a possible historical event, a Triple Crown bid. In the city on the river, where Elvis flourishes, we founded oursleves drawn to the Pyramid where a somber and quiet Tyson got a good beating from Lewis, as no limbs were bitten and no major rules broken to everyone's dismay. The carnival like atmosphere was tamed, and I began to wonder, wow, Tyson had us all fooled, a salesman, as well as a thug, the guy is a lot smarter (and yes dangerously insane) than we expected. And in the end he took his beating like a man. As the jape was on us. Con men. Salesmen. Sportsmen. Gentlemen? Amen.

Saturday, June 08, 2002

Dave Simanoff wrote an article: For Soccer Fans Losing Sleep Is a Net Gain, which appears in today's Tampa Tribune. He writes about deadicated soccer fans who get up at odd hours to root and watch their favorite teams.

In other World Cup news: Italy upset by Croatia 2-1 and South Korean President is advised NOT to attend US and S. Korea match for Security reasons.

Huge Sports Weekend: French Open (Serena just beat her sister Venus), World Ping Pong Championships, Belmont Stakes (War Emblem tries to win the Triple Crown), NBA & NHL Playoffs, the World Cup, first weekend of interleague play in Baseball (Giants return to NY to play in Yankee Stadium) and the freakiest show this side of the Mississippi as Mike "I'm Gonna Eat Your Kids and Rape Your Dog" Tyson takes on Lennox Lewis, where almost anything can happen. My prediction: Lewis handles Tyson's early barrage of caged up anger and hostility only to frustrate him in the middle rounds, and then Tyson snaps, and begins to systematically chew parts of Lewis' flesh and gets DQ'd in the 5th round.
Another Seattle story from Stephen A.:
"It would seem perhaps the folks who commented have not spent as much time on the streets at 5:30-6:30am as I have these past two years. Or maybe as a recovering person, I have become more aware than I have ever been before. Yes, Seattle is a beautiful city, yes Seattle has twice been a rape victim by corporate greed but we have a very vibrant community that is multicultural and in the past has been very helpful to artists, and creative people. However, with the greed of landlords the cheap artists' studio is all but extinct. Grunge music? Well, that was just a phase and perhaps it was engineered by record executives and MTV. MTV. Man it amazes me that that channel could have any effect upon people. It is just a stupid music tv channel. If people don't like it, turn it off. Now, I know as a 43 year old sober person, who is balding and unhip as a leisure suit, my opinions are not tof the least bit of interest to anyone except to respond to. I'm glad that people do respond. It makes me feel as if I belong and am participating. Peace to all the McGrupps." - Stephen
Trey Anastasio played a solo acoustic version of Chalkdust Torture > Wilson > Chalkdust Torture during the encore of his show in Chicago on Thursday night.

Friday, June 07, 2002

Hunter S. Thompson has come to fear and loathe Las Vegas these days, 31 years after he wrote his infamous novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. After I read F & L, I knew I wanted to become a writer. Check out the Las Vegas City Life Interview with Hunter, where he states: " I like the old Las Vegas a lot better... The city's frightening now... It's not the same city I wrote about. It's not the same place at all. I just wondered if that was one of the reasons you were drawn to the book and to Vegas, through a drug ID or gambling or sports betting or all three."

Thursday, June 06, 2002

I almost forgot to blog this fact: There are at least a dozen Starbucks located in the same buildings that have schools in them! Oh and for the record, I don't have kids, nor drink Starbucks. In fact Starbucks is on the top of my list of companies that I boycot. (I haven't offically boycotted kids, but that is open to debate). I hope all of you that do have kids realize the impact of corporations on our society and how our cities and politicians allow huge tax breaks for these multi-national companies and at the same time, NYC is ready to ax $500 MILLION in education cuts. Maybe if we taxed all the STARBUCKS franchises in NYC an Education Tax, it could make up for the money that will be cut for next's years city budget.

UGLY STAT: For every kid you have thats more money that he or she will be giving Starbucks over the course of their lifetime. Think about this: if you give $5 to Starbucks every week for 20 years, that's $5,200. What if your child decides to drink alot of STARBUCKS? Let's say your child's habit is $20 a week for Lattes. Over 20 years of his life, he would spend $20,800 of his hard earned money on coffee alone. And this is 2002 dollars I'm talking about. I imagine Lattes will be $10 sometime within the next decade. What if you have twins? $41,600 on Starbucks coffee. That's more than most Americans make in one year, and your kid will spend that on coffee alone. So the next time you decide to have kids, just remember you are also breeding under-educated consumers for corporate America. But hey they might be dumb as shit, but there will be plenty of Starbucks jobs for them to get.
Starbucks 348, NYC Schools 162

Hey Sarah, I checked the NYC Board of Education's website and there are 161 Public High Schools in NYC and a new one will be added next year, so that's 162 High Schools in NYC's 5 boroughs (Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens & Staten Island). According to STARBUCKS website and there are currently 348 Starbucks and/or Starbucks related stores in NYC's 5 boroughs. And I know that there will be more than 1 Starbucks added within the next school year. Shit as soon as you finish reading this, a new Starbucks will have opened somewhere in the World! My advice to America: less coffee and more education for our kids.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Desperation prose by Inasa J. Carter

I go outside... I need to see him. But he's not there. And desire creeps in heavy, weighted. I smoke in desperation, wasting and hungry for a glimpse, a glance. A flicker between us. Eye candy becomes a solid, scraping addiction... something I must have, even if for a second. The last smack, one line, one drag, one tiny sip of presence before me... I think about the things I'd say if I had to say something, which I don't, because he knows as well as I that there's nothing between here and there. Just a glance, the density of the moment always hangs between us like the thick and shimmering icicle just about to snap.

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Comment from Senor reagrding the students killed in Thailand:

"The Karens are Burmese who are fighting against the militant Burmese government for independence. It does not make sense that this group would attack the Thai. There is great tension between Myanmar and Thailand because the Burmese government has accused the Thai government of arming and harboring these rebels. So why would these rebels attack their benefactors? Unless they are trying to make it seem like it was the Burmese government who did this, thus intensifying the tension. I don't buy it. Anyway, I really don't know... the little I do know comes from what I read in the Bangkok Times. What I do know is, both countries are beautiful filled with sweet wonderful people, who wish for peace and are victims of corrupt governments."

Monday, June 03, 2002

Trey Anastasio @ Thomas and Mack Center , Las Vega$ , NV The Roots & Antibalas opened.

6.1.02 SETLIST

Set I:
Cayman Review, Mozambique, Money Love and Change, Thunderhead, Alive Again
Set II Sidewalks of San Francisco, Mister Completely, Ether Sunday
E: Gotta Jibboo

Saturday Highlights: Sweet Cayman to open & Alive Again to close. Mr. Completely was almost 36 minutes. Jibboo encore was groovin. NO PHISHY guest, nor Oysterhead reunion this weekend. Lots of long groove-ilicious jams.

Friday Highlights: Push on Til the Day and Page sitting in on First Tube & Bug, plus the solo jam between Page & Trey was very phishy :) Forgot to mention, the opening act of Los Lobos, when Trey came out to play Not Fade Away > Bertha, in a very Dead-like tribute, that was delicious.

Saturday, June 01, 2002

1/2 of Phish Reunion as Trey Anastasio Band played Las Vega$, NV... Spearhead & Los Lobos opened. Highlights: Page and FIRST TUBE, which smoked.

5.31.02 SETLIST, Thomas & Mack Center, Las Veag$, NV

Set I:
Simple Twist Up Dave
Noodle Rave Daddio
Push On 'Til the Day
Night Speaks to a Woman
Small Axe
I Want to Take You Higher (w/ guys from Spearhead & Los Lobos)

Set II:
Last Tube
Flock of Words
Burlap Sack and Pumps
At the Gazebo
Pebbles and Marbles
First Tube (w/ Page McConnell!!)
Bug (w/ Page)

E: Sultans of Swing