Monday, April 12, 2004

Chris Rock Thing

Thanks to Ingrid at Me and Ophelia who pointed out the link on her blog: Chris Rock Thing. It's a story about a local girl who got a new cell phone and was assigned Chris Rock's old number. Hijinks ensue. Here's a bit:
I picked up the phone, flipped open the top and questioned, "Uh, hell-o?" "Is Chris Rock there?" Chris Rock?! Of course not! That's ridiculous. "No," I replied. I figured the caller's asking for "Chris Rock" must have been some sort of inside joke with a friend of his, but he'd dialed my number instead of his friend's by mistake. I continued, "This is my new cell phone number -- so you've got the wrong number." "Oh," the caller replied, "I must have dialed wrong." We hung up, and I didn't think anything more of it.
Well written bit by a chick named Laura.

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