Thursday, April 22, 2004

The Return of the Uber Post

Iggy from Guinness and Poker is famous for his Guinness-inspired uber-posts of massive length. Now that I am officially back on the East Coast, I will resume regular blogging duties, while I try to piece together fragments of this previous monster holiday I experienced in Las Vegas into a more edible entry, for now, stay tuned.

In random news from the police blotter, Kevin Spacey got mugged in a London park at 4:20am. What the hell was he doing there? Some say he was drunk looking for some action, he insists he was walking his dog.

The photo of the day has to be: Side Boobage originally found by HDouble.

Did you know that poets die sooner than regular writers? I should write more poetry. Stinky Pants was kind enough to point out the link to me.

Al Can't Hang has been in Key West with Mrs. Can't Hang and one really really drunk monkey! Looks like Al caught a monster fish! I hope to reel in those next time I'm in Florida.

Congrats to Rick Blaine for winning the blogger poker tourney this past Sunday. The only reason he won... was because I was in Las Vegas! And Signor Ferrari sent me this link: Trade Sports and an additional link explaining Trade Sports.

And last, but not least... Briana was bothering me for over a week to post: Everything to Know About Fellatio. The list of definitions at the bottom of the article were kinda funny. It finally explains why Briana is a Master Shuttlecocker!

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