Saturday, April 24, 2004

Schanzer Article: Assassinations Keep Hamas Off Balance

FYI... Jon Schanzer will be making an appearance on Fox News Channel at 4:20pm EST.

Assassinations Keep Hamas Off Balance is written by Schanzer and appears in the LA Jewish Journal. Here's a bit:
In the last three years, Israel has taken out dozens of top Hamas operatives in the West Bank, and it vows to hit more. Following the Yassin and Rantisi executions, a number of Hamas leaders in Gaza went underground, fearing for their lives.

Hamas is further frustrated by successful Israeli efforts to stymie attacks. Specifically, the West Bank security fence has prevented suicide attacks from former Hamas strongholds in the northern West Bank towns of Jenin and Nablus.

Whereas these two towns were once a common launch point for suicide operations in Israel, the new barrier has all but reduced Hamas’ ability to attack from there. According to Israeli intelligence sources, the inability to attack, in addition to the targeted assassinations of a number of Hamas leaders, has actually led recently to a small decline in popularity for Hamas in the West Bank.
Another excellent read from Schanzer.

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