Saturday, April 10, 2004

Dead Summer Tour

I began to figure out what my summer music scene will look like. I made some tough decisions. I wanted to see The Dead at the Gorge. But I dunno if I could swing the airfare to Seattle, because if I went back to Seattle, I'd like to go for more than a few days and I dunno if I have the time. Plus The Gorge is four hours away from Seattle.

OK, Red Rocks doesn't look good. The shows are too early in June. I never saw The Grateful Dead thare either. But Senor and I caught a Phil and Phriends show there in the Summer of 2001... again one of the cooler musical moments in my life.

The East Coast shows look very strong. Two in Philly, two in Northern New Jersey (about 1 hour from NYC), two shows out on Jones Beach (last year's shows rocked), upstate NY in Saratoga, Connecticut, and of course Boston with Senor and Jodd! There's a central pennsylvania one that might be interesting. It looks liek I can squeeze 10 shows in this summer! And yeah, I'll try to find time to 'work" Phish into my musical schedule.

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